Proposal Submission Unit

The Proposal Submission Unit (PSU), formerly known as the Office of External Resources (ORE, for its acronym in Spanish), is responsible for assisting the R&D directors in reviewing, endorsing, and submitting proposals to external sponsors. It is located in Room JD2 of the R&DC Administration Building (within the Office of the Director).


  • Evelyn Albino, CRA
  • Proposal Specialist/Executive Officer I
  • evelyn.albino @
  • (787) 832-4040 X- 5235/2402

  • Eliadiz Loperena-Lorenzo, CRA
  • Proposal Specialist/Administrative Officer II
  • eliadiz.loperena @
  • (787) 832-4040 X- 5235
  • Jarishael Ramos Soto
  • Proposal Specialist/Administrative Officer I
  • jarisahel.ramos@
  • (787) 832-4040 X- 5235
  • Contact information

    For further inquiries, you may contact the R&DC Proposal Submission Unit at:

    Phone: 787-832-4040 ext. 5235
    Email: psu @

    Office Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday)
    Office Location: Room JD2 of the R&D Administration Building

    Our postal address is:
    CID – PSU
    University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
    Box 9000
    Mayagüez PR 00681-9000

    Internal competitions for Limited Submissions

    1. The R&D Center will communicate via email and in the webpage the opportunities available. If the opportunities that you are interested is not available you must communicate with the Proposal Submission Unit.
    2. You must complete the Intent to Submit form in the Internal Competition Webpage
    3. PSU will review and submit eligible pre-proposals to the Limited Submission Selection Committee composed of Researchers of all four Colleges at UPRM.
    4. The selected pre-proposal(s) will be notified by PSU.

    Open Internal Competitions

    For available Internal Competitions please click here.

    Internal Procedures

    PSU’s Internal Procedures Document

    Identifying a Funding Opportunity – We encourage all applicants to contact the PSU office as soon as a funding opportunity is identified. It takes time to put together a strong proposal and there are many issues to take into account when processing funding requests. We ask that you provide us with three main pieces of information when you first contact our office: funding opportunity ID (FOA, RFP), agency, and deadline. The applicant must read ALL guidelines carefully and thoroughly. Remember that some funding alerts make reference to agency-wide guidelines that also apply. Look for information pertaining to:

    1. Is there a limited number of submissions per institution?
    2. Does our institution qualify for these funds?
    3. Are there any restrictions the applicant must satisfy? For example: citizenship, residency, institutional affiliation, degrees, etc.
    4. Are institutional matching funds required?
    5. Does the deadline fall on a UPRM non-working day? How will this be managed?

    These are only some of the many items that need to be considered. At the PSU, we’ll provide assistance in studying and understanding the application package.

    Putting together your proposal

    Preparing the Budget – Once the funding opportunity details have been verified and the decision to proceed with an application is made, we request a preliminary budget (MS Excel format) and budget justification to be submitted to PSU as soon as it is available. You may download a copy of the PSU budget template to assist you in this process. This template is ONLY an aid and in no form constitutes an official application part.

    Special attention should be paid to any requirements specified in the guidelines. The included items and format can vary largely from agency to agency and even for different programs within an agency. Study the application package BEFORE you start putting together your budget so that is follows the necessary structure from the beginning; it is easier than having to completely restructure a budget at the last minute. To avoid complications at the time of submission, we recommend that the budget not be entered into the electronic application package until it has been revised by the PSU.

    Compliance Issues – Once a research plan has been devised, all applicable compliance issues need to be identified and properly addressed. The most common compliance areas are listed below but each case should be studied on its own merit:

  • Financial Conflict of Interest
  • Human Subjects in Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Use and Care of Animals in Research
  • Environmental Impact
  • Hazardous Materials Handling & Disposal
  • Export Control
  • Matching Funds – Current policy restricts the approval of Institutional Matching Funds only to those external funding opportunities that require it. Because of the multiple levels of approvals required for institutional matching funds, we request you contact the PSU for guidance at least one month before the deadline. If at the time of proposal submission (deadline) all levels of approvals (local and central) have not been received, the proposal submission process can not be completed. For details click here.
    Release Time – Release time must be negotiated with the Department and Deanship before submitting the proposal in Kuali Coeus.

    Approvals – Once the proposal is ready (or almost) and the budget has been revised by the PSU, the investigator should start getting the necessary approvals using the using the Kuali Coeus Proposal Document routing.

    • PI, Co-PI and other Key Personnel
    • Department Chair and College Dean
    • Dean of Academic Affairs – signature is required if the proposal involves changes to curriculum, course creation, etc.
    • All supporting documents related to approval of collaborations, sub-award institutions, release time, compliance issues, and alike must also be include with the package.

    Submission to the PSU – Current UPR policy (UPR Handbook Policies Procedure Sponsored Programs, page 15) requires the complete proposal application package to be submitted to the PSU at least 7 business days before the agency’s deadline, if no Central Administration approvals are required.

    Due to the volume of proposals reviewed and managed per available staff member, the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus and the Proposal Submission Unit cannot guarantee the timely submission of proposals that fail to meet the internal deadline.

    Please realize that most agencies have a common deadline for many RFPs and there might be several proposals being handled by the PSU during the same period. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of submitting complete, revised proposal packages with plenty of lead time.

    Electronic Submission – Most federal agencies require proposals to be submitted through electronic portals (, FastLane). These portals are subjected to temporary disconnections, server malfunctions, and slowdowns that can affect timely submission of proposals. We strongly encourage all investigators submitting proposals through the PSU to comply with the 7-day policy and to be aware of any conflicts pertaining the agency’s deadline and the institutional calendar.

    • Best time for electronic submission from UPRM is before 11 AM.
    • Be aware of the guidelines specified file formats when preparing you package.
    • Be aware of page and character limits through out the application.

    For account creation procedures, click here.

    Budget preparation Tools

    At PSU we provide initial assistance in reviewing the budget at the time of funding proposal submission. Listed below are links to rate information that may be needed in proposal budget preparation and award management. If you need further assistance with budgetary issues, please contact the R&DC Budget Office.

  • UPRM F&A and Fringe Benefits – Summary of Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs Information
  • UPRM Fringe Benefit Rates and Code – UPRM Fringe Benefit Calculation Sheet (in Spanish)
  • NIH Salary Cap – Salary Cap Summary

  • Guidelines for Grants and Contracts

  • UPR VP for Research & Technology – VP for Research & Technology (Spanish)
  • UPR F&A Costs Agreement – Costs Agreement
  • Matching Funds Request Procedure – UPR Matching Funds Request Procedure
  • Matching Funds Request Form – UPR Matching Funds Request Form
  • UPR Sample Postdoc Mentoring Plan for NSF – SAMPLE document for Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan for NSF programs
  • NIH Guide – NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
  • NSF Policies & Procedures – NSF Publications of Policies & Procedures
  • Find & Apply User Guide – Find & ApplyUser Guide
  • Tracking Your Application Package – Tracking Your Grant Application Package What to Expect After Submission
  • System for Award Management – Search for all entity records from CCR/FedReg and ORCA and from EPLS (active or expired)excluded from receiving federal contracts/subcontracts and from certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.