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At the Proposal Development Unit, we help investigators achieve research funding success.  To accomplish this, we provide a variety of services ranging from targeting appropriate funding opportunities, planning of proposal preparation, consulting, and revising and editing of proposal pieces for both content and language.  We also conduct grant related talks, workshops and initiatives targeted at strengthening the research environment at UPRM.


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Grantwriting Assistance

The Grant Writing Initiative, “GWI”, provides an intensive grant writing experience, targeted at specific sponsors, through hands on training and a writing retreat with feedback from coaches that have relevant backgrounds.  The 2014/15 NIH-Focused Grant Writing Initiative, in process, will result in 8 UPRM faculty members submitting NIH grants by summer of 2015.  There are plans to cover NSF and foundation grants in future initiatives.

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We offer the following basic services related to proposal development.

  • Individualized funding search
  • Proposal Consultation
  • Proposal Review
  • Resubmission Consultation and Review
  • Team Research planning and consultation
  • Grant-related talks and Workshops


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Contact information

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday)
Office Location: Room 116 of the R&DC Main Building
Telephone: (787) 832-4040 X 5250, (787) 831-2065
Fax: 787-831-2060