Information Systems

The Information Systems Office provides support to the R&D Center Administration Offices, as well as to the Center’s Research Projects. This includes maintaining the computer Systems, wired and wireless computer networks, upgrading of software, antivirus installation, optimizing our computers’ operating systems, eliminating all virus and spyware and developing and improving the R&D Center’s administrative databases.

Information Systems


  • Carlos Cardona
  • Technical Services Coordinator
  • (787) 832-4040 x-5215

  • Rafael Omar Ruiz
  • Electronic Systems Analyst/ Programmer II
  • Contact Information

    Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday through Friday)
    Office Location: J-104 (R&DC Administration Building)

    R&DC Information Systems Office Services

    Services provided to R&DC Administration and to R&DC Projects’ computers and offices

    • Computer Networks
      – Maintenance of R&DC ethernet cabling and switches
      – Maintenance of Administration office’s wireless antennas
      – Installation, configuration and replacement of switches and computer ethernet adapters
      – IP address allocation
    • Virus and Malware
      – Antivirus installation and configuration
      – Removal of computer viruses and other malware
    • PC Repair and Maintenance
      – Computer hardware repair and configuration
      – Software configuration and repair
    • PC Support
      – Installation of computers, software and peripherals
      – Computer user assistance
    • PC Purchase Assistance
      – Preparation of comparative table forms as required by the Campus for processing of computer purchases