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The R&D Center Budget Office provides support on budget issues such as the creation of new accounts, distribution of funds, and cost transfers, among others. It also serves as liaison with the UPRM Budget Office on issues related to the research enterprise at UPRM.



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R&D-Budget Procedures

R&D-Budget Forms


  • Brunilda Negrón García
  • Supervisor/Budget Analyst III
  • brunilda.negron@upr.edu
  • (787) 832-4040 x-5207

  • Myriam D. Padilla Torres
  • Budget Analyst I
  • myriam.padilla1@upr.edu
  • (787) 832-4040 x-5241

  • Zoraida I. Patiño Lorenzo
  • Financial Officer I
  • zoraida.patino@upr.edu
  • (787) 832-4040 x-5291
  • Contact Info

    Fax: (787) 832-7912
    Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday)
    Office Location: J-105 (R&D Administration Building)

    R&D Center – Budget Office Services

    Creation of New Accounts

    Upon receipt of an award, approval of a contract or similar funding, the project PI will have to request the creation of an account within the UPR Financial System, now the new UFIS. In order to do this properly, the following steps must be followed:

    1. Collect documents pertaining to approved project:
      • Award letter, contract or equivalent
        • Legal document such as: award letter, official business letter, fully executed contract or any similar document that makes legal the agreement. This document must contain the following information, clearly stated: when the project begins and ends, amount approved, and any special conditions or restrictions.
        • Copy of approved proposal
          Very frequently, the project approved is a revised version of the proposal originally submitted. A copy of the final version and approved budget distribution and budget justification is required.
    2. Fill in the Request Form for Account Creation
      • This is the letter style form to officially request the R&D Center Director the creation of the account. Click here for access to the current request form for account creation.
    3. Fill the Budget Distribution Form MP-001 (UFIS Style):
      • This document contains the project title, account number, agency or contract number, beginning date, ending date and the proposed distribution of the budget, which must comply with the sponsor’s requirements and the UPR regulations. In this document you will distribute the funds into the existent UPR expense codes which include, among others: Salaries for Academic and Administrative Personnel, Fringe benefits, Materials and Supplies, Travel, Equipment, Fellowships and Stipends. On occasions, an approved expense may not have an exact equivalent within the UPR financial system; a good example is Participant Support. Thus, the use of the funds must be well defined and distributed among the other codes, as apply (e.g. stipend, fellowship, travel). Now with UFIS, there are many more codes, which must be clearly defined prior to account creation.
      • For a copy of a fillable MP-001, you may click here: MP001 Form – UFIS Revised. To help you calculate fringe benefits for personnel, you may use this resource: FB Calculator.
      • For questions, you may contact the R&D Center Budget Office at X-5207 or email Mrs. Wanda González at wanda.gonzalez5@upr.edu
    4. Submit required documents to:
        • DIRECTOR
        • UPRM R&D Center
        • Call Box 9000
        Mayagüez, PR 00681-9000

      List of required documents:

        • – Account Creation Form
        • – MP-001
        • – Award letter or equivalent
        • – Copy of approved proposal (budget & budget justification)

      The R&D Accounting & Finance Office will send you an “Account Creation Notification Package” that will contain:

      1. Newly assigned account number and distribution: The PI must use this number to refer to any budget and accounting issue related to project.
      2. Authorized Signature Form (AF-84-1): The PI must register its signature to have access to the different actions associated with project administration (contracting personnel, purchasing, and travel authorizations, among others). If a Co-PI or administrative assistant will also be carrying out some of these functions, the PI must authorize he/she for the particular action. Access Form here: Registro de Firmas Autorizadas.
      3. Corporate Credit Card Request Form (if applies): If you would like to request an application form, please fill this online Corporate Credit Card Application Request Form. For more information you may contact Nérida Montalvo, of the Administration office, at ext. 5203.

      Remember: Once an account is created, please refer to the account number whenever you need assistance from the R&D Center.

      If your grant program (for example, NSF I-CORPS) requires you to incur in Pre-Award Costs, and this in turn necessitates the creation of an Institutional Advance Account, please complete the UPR Pre-Award Cost Approval Form (PACAF) and submit it along with your account creation documents to the R&D Center Director’s Office for approval.