Finding Appropriate Funding Opportunities

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One of the many challenges faced by investigators planning their pursuit of new funding opportunities is selecting the program to apply to. We have received feedback from UPRM investigators signaling that one of the main challenges they face is finding appropriate funding opportunities. In order to assist you in these efforts, this post will briefly discuss some of the resources available to help you stay abreast of the external funding environment. Effective grantsmanship involves the analysis of currently open and potentially revolving funding opportunities, while staying informed about new programs and requests for proposals.

Researching Funding Opportunities

This process involves opportunities that are currently open, as well as those that might potentially reopen in the near future. Search Function

  • allows you to filter your search results by a number of criteria, such as funding instrument, eligibility, and agency.

InfoEd Spin

https://spin.infoedglobal.comSPIN Search Function

  • Like, InfoEd SPIN allows you to perform a search and filter your results according to specific criteria. Unlike, SPIN includes information from federal and non-federal sponsors.

Keeping up with New Opportunities

This involves receiving notifications about new records in sponsor databases. These tools are meant to assist you in finding out about opportunities as soon as they are published by sponsors:

RSS Feeds (by platform/agency) RSS Feeds

Feedly Funding Feeds

  • Feedly is a web-based RSS reader. You can create a free account with any Gmail-based login, such as your email address.
  • Once your account is created, you can create a custom “news feed” out of any RSS feed on the web. The webpage linked above will provide you with six feeds to get you started.

Use the R&D Center’s Funding Opportunities Page

  • Available at
  • This page collates and presents scrolling feeds of new funding opportunities and expiring deadlines.
  • Check back often to see the latest funding opportunity announcements from the top federal research sponsors.

Email alerts ( and SPIN) Subscriptions

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.17.38 PM

  • SPIN provides more granular control over search criteria and email update frequency than
  • To use the email update function, you will need a SPIN account. Contact us at and we will create one for you.

Personalized services provided by UPRM’s Proposal Development Unit:

  • Custom Funding Search
  • Profile
  • We are available to help you configure your accounts for RSS/Feedly/email alerts.

We are currently organizing a series of grantsmanship workshops through CEP . We look forward to seeing you at these workshops, and remember that our door is always open for individual consultations. Our email is: You can also visit our office, located in Room 116 of the R&D Center main building, or call us at x5256.