Workshops and Trainings

These are some of the workshops the PDU has available to the UPRM research community. For custom workshops please fill out this form. If you need assistance tailoring a workshop or training to suit your particular needs, please give us a call.

Principles of Grantsmanship I & II
I.  An overview of grants & proposal writing from a beginners perspective

II. A more in-depth look at the components of a proposal and how to cater to agency specific mission and criteria

These workshops can be catered to the interests of a specific field, such as writing for agencies that typically fund business proposals

Tools for Monitoring and Identifying Research Funds: InfoEd SPIN Workshop.
SPIN is a funding opportunities database, accessible via web, that can be customized to provide automated opportunity matching, and daily opportunity notifications.

Need help? Contact us. 

Proposal Writing Tips & Tutorials

The following are online resources we have identified as recommendations to support our researchers proposal writing efforts. These are mostly focused on the process of writing the proposal and offer tips-of-the-trade for successfully securing funding.

In addition, the PDU offers seminars on grantwriting topics and a proposal review service is available to all UPRM personnel. If you would like to have PDU personnel review your proposal, please submit your request here.

CITI Program

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a web-based subscription service, developed through the collaboration of various institutions, that provides research ethics education. To obtain proper training convalidation, all users must affiliate to UPRM when registering to CITI. Please use the email to log in.

Also, RCR courses available under the UPRM CITI curriculum can be credited towards the OEGPR (Etica Gubernamental) training requirements. The available courses and credit-hours are:

  • Physical Sciences RCR 8.5 hrs
  • Social & Behavioral RCR 8.5 hrs
  • RCR for Engineers 7.0 hrs
  • Humanities RCR 8.5 hrs
  • Biomedical RCR 8.5 hrs
  • RCR for Administrators 3.5 hrs

To take advantage of what CITI has to offer visit the program’s website at
General instructions for UPRM RCR courses can be found here.