US-Egypt S&T Joint Fund Cycle 19 Request for Proposals

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The US-Egypt S&T Joint Fund Cycle 19 Request for Proposals for collaborative research projects was just launched. The application deadline is March 8, 2018. The priority areas are:


  • Priority Topic: Translational research into water issues related to smart agriculture, with a focus on agriculture technologies and water irrigation, reuse, and management
  • Eligible Topics: Smart agriculture; irrigation; prevention, detection, and response to livestock diseases


  • Priority Topic: Translational infectious disease research that strengthens prevention, detection, and response for humans and/or animals
  • Priority Topic: Translational cancer research
  • Eligible Topics: Cancer; immunology; infectious diseases; anti-microbial resistance (AMR)


  • Eligible Topics: Energy storage systems; new trends in energy technology and innovation


  • Eligible Topics: Desalination technology; wastewater management and reuse

Proposals in priority topics and interdisciplinary research, at the nexus of two or more of the four general areas, will receive priority consideration during review. Applicants are urged to clarify the relevance of their proposals with respect to these general areas and the priority topics.

Proposals for translational research should include ‎a plan for how the researchers will work with/engage potential users of their research/results as part of their research design. It is strongly preferred that the potential technology end users be located in Egypt or the United States.

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