Office of Naval Research Global visit to UPRM – ONR Associate Director Program

Admin Announcements

To all faculty and administrators,

Dr. Patricia L. Gruber and Vicky Rahamatali, from the Office of Naval Research Global, will visit our campus on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 to provide information to our faculty about the ONR Associate Director Program. They will be hosting a session for investigators at 10:30 AM in the R&D Center Main Building (CID-123), and another for university administrators at 1:30 PM in the same room.

The ONR’s Associate Director Program employs technically skilled scientists and engineers to enhance the international science and technology (S&T) engagement of the Navy and to increase the Navy ́s awareness of global technology. The technical staff, known as associate directors – typically scientists with doctorates working across government, academia and industry – work out of offices around the world to scout technologies for ONR and the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE).

An associate director completes a two- to four-year tour in which he/she visits international S&T institutions to develop access and find cutting-edge science and technology, assesses international innovation in areas of naval interest, provides global technical assessment, follows trends in science and technology, and tracks technological development in specific geographical areas. The associate director recommends innovative researchers to be awarded research grants.

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