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    During the past two years, Omar Soto-Fortuño, graduate student in Computer Engineering, has been serving as developer for the UPRM Kuali Coeus (KC) Implemention project, contributing to the successful implementation of the Proposal Development and Budget modules, along with the Approval routing used for proposal submissions at UPRM since February 2014. Part of the challenge of the implementation was the complex routing of proposals for approval by institutional administrators. Omar consulted and chatted with other developers using the ‘collab’ forum of the Kuali Foundation. He came up with a solution to facilitate complex routings, and shared it with Ronald Gouldner, developer from the University of Hawaii (UH), resulting in its implementation at UH and further enhancements there. Omar and Ron presented their work in a session titled: “Workflow Advanced Customization” at Kuali Days 2014 in Indianapolis. This is a real example of collaborative work in a virtual environment. The R&D Center feels proud of its KC student/developer. As someone said about Omar: “At the beginning, he was asking questions, now he answers them. He is very respected by the ‘collab’ community”.


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